Send your marketing back to the future

39% of all marketers are convinced that their online marketing strategy is not working. Make sure you're not one of them.

Marketing in 2017
feels a lot like doing marketing in 1985.

Sure, we’ve seen spectacular innovations rise faster than 88 miles per hour. But despite all Facebook wizardry, Snapchat spectacles and flying hoverboards - no wait, that’s still not a thing - your marketing challenges still remain the same.

How do you reach the right audience? Which technology do you need to sync marketing and sales? Should you post that mannequin ALS water bottle challenge flashmob video on Facebook or Youtube?

These are all questions you have to answer every day. Until today. Or tomorrow... depending on when you fill in the form on this website. I’ve decided to help companies overcoming their online marketing challenges. As a marketing consultant, I’ll answer all your questions about social media, inbound and content marketing faster than you can say “flux capacitor”. And I’ll answer them correct too… 

Here's how we'll grow your business, together

Step 1: understanding your business 

You don't need another consultant who'll talk you into following some random marketing trends. You need a plan that works for your business. That's why I start every project with a conversation. But you'll do most of the talking, as my focus is to fully understand your business. So what are your main goals, ambitions and challenges? 
Understanding your marketing and business problems
Analyzing your target market

Step 2: analyzing your market

You're not alone. Not only your competitors are fighting for your audience's attention. Together, we will map all forces that might influence the decision making process of your audience. We now have all the pieces of the puzzle on the table. 

Step 3: defining online marketing opportunities

This is where we put everything together. Based on step 1 and 2 I'll draft a readu-to-implement marketing plan. This plan contains all the necessary actions to take in order to boost your results. 
Defining your marketing plan
A consultant in your online marketing team

Step 4: collaborating with your team

Whatever floats your boat. Whether you want to roll-out the plan yourself or need someone who'll join your team for a while, we will find a way. I want to grow your business, so we'll figure out the right formula to do that. 

Let's talk business

You're obviously still reading this because you belong to that 39%. You feel like there are improvements to be made. So let's get together and talk business. Your business. 

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