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Content Marketing Strategy Business Case - Luxury Brand

How a luxury brand generated 62 % more revenue by deleting 93% of its blog content

Blogging is a popular content marketing strategy. But many companies struggle to see a real business impact from publishing blog articles. In this case study, we explain our entire process of a remarkable blogging case study. The secret ingredient? Quality over quantity. But there’s more…

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Van Geloven - Content Marketing Campaign

Van Geloven: How to launch a new product in a new market segment?

Launching a new product can be a real challenge. But what if the launch of your new product has to be the breakthrough of your brand in a new and complex market segment?

This is the challenge Van Geloven was facing. It’s the challenge we helped to overcome…

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About Great Scott!

Great Scott!

At Great Scott!, we help companies to become better marketers. We believe in a new generation of marketing: less invasive, more valuable, and profitable. We also believe that there is a new way of creating this type of marketing. That’s why we’re independent, collaborative, and always educating ourselves and each other.

We focus on creating a clear plan. A plan that consists of strategic content marketing solutions to overcome your marketing challenges.

You can call us whatever you want. An agency. A freelance network or a consultancy firm. It doesn’t matter, we get things done. For what it’s worth, we call ourselves Great Scott!