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By using this content marketing strategy framework you will be able to

Understand the key elements of a content marketing strategy

Transform your ambition into real KPI’s

Understand the crucial role of your audience

Adapt your key message to your audience

Discover various content marketing formats in each stage of the funnel

Learn which channels affect the different stages of a buyer journey

Start from your audience real needs and challenges

Discover an efficient quarterly routine

Learn more about this strategy framework

We believe that great content can grow any business. However, many companies struggle to get real results from their content marketing efforts. That’s why we decided to go back to basics and write down our entire strategic approach. In this framework, we share the steps you need to take in order to create a high-performing content marketing strategy.

This free framework consists of 40+ pages with all the best practices we’ve collected over the past few years during our projects. It includes hands-on tips and tricks for goal-setting, creating buyer personas, choosing the right channels, promote your content etc.

Download your free copy

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