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Privacy Policy

Last modified: June 16, 2020

Ask us about your data

This website is managed by Great Scott! BVBA (“Great Scott!”), located at Binnenvaartstraat 87 B 401, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium.

For all your questions and remarks about https://great-scott.be and its subdomains (or “the website”), about this specific policy or about your privacy or personal data please contact Great Scott! via the address mentioned above or via email: hello@great-scott.be.

About this privacy policy

Why should you read this privacy policy?

Because we care about you.

Great Scott! aims to provide you with great content and helpful marketing insights. We want you to grow your company by reading, experiencing, watching, and listening to our content. Ultimately we want to personalize your experience on the website. In order to realize this, we need to collect, process, and use personal data.

Great Scott! will always put your privacy first.
There’s that word again. ‘Privacy‘.

That’s because the protection of your privacy and personal data is very important to us. With this privacy policy we want to explain in detail and with full transparency which type of personal data we might collect from you, why we collect these personal data, how we plan to use it, and how we plan to manage, organize and generally deal with your data.

Because we want you to fully understand this policy, we will provide all these insights by answering common questions. Take your time to read it through.

This policy applies to…

Every single “Great Scott!-service”.
This includes:

  • Online Great Scott!-services such as the website, subdomains, and any other internet service that Great Scott! provides that allows you to access our content.
  • Any other Great Scott!-service you might interact with such as competitions, polls, sweepstakes, education programs, and Great Scott! events. These services don’t necessarily take place on the great-scott.be domain. They can occur on social media or other platforms. 

Who is responsible for this policy?

Great Scott! BVBA, in short: Great Scott!

Yes, that’s not that much shorter. We know. We’ll work on it once this privacy policy is finally finished. For now, we’ll use Great Scott! in this entire policy. We also use ‘we’. Because we are Great Scott! and that’s a lot easier to use and – in fact – shorter.

Great Scott! is located at Binnenvaartstraat 87 B 401, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium. You can contact Great Scott! via this address or via email: hello@great-scott.be.

Should I read other policies?

Ain’t nobody got time for that.
But yes! You should!

It’s in your own interest to fully understand what happens with your personal data and other information. On our website and any other website out there. We strongly recommend you to read our cookies-policy as well. It explains which cookies are used in all Great Scott! services and why we use them.

Will the policy change?

Great Scott! can change the privacy- and cookies-policy at any moment. For example: when our services or legislation changes. The changed policies will be announced on the relevant Great Scott! services. They apply from the moment they are announced. When there are very important changes, we will take all necessary steps to contact you personally and request new permissions if necessary.

About the data we collect

Why does Great Scott! collect my personal data?

Basically, we collect your data to make our services better and more relevant.

We want to help you to grow your company. By providing you the insights and knowledge, by providing relevant advice for your specific situation or by collaborating with you and/or your team. In order to do this, we need to get to know you and understand your situation. That’s why we need your data. It helps us to adapt our content and services to your needs.
And of course, we need your data to contact you.

How does Great Scott! collect my personal data?

Personal data you share with us

In order to access certain Great Scott! content or services you will be asked to provide personal data via a web form or a live chat interface. We will ask for personal data such as your email, name, job title, company information, etc.

If you engage in a special action, promotion, or contest or attend an event, we will also ask you to provide relevant personal information at that specific moment. We will always try to limit the personal data we ask you to the relevant information needed to complete your participation.

If you contact us via email, chat, social media, or any other channel with questions, reviews, complaints, or any other type of message we might store your personal data or ask for additional data in order to provide you with the best experience.

All the personal data you provide us is handled with care and is stored in GDPR compliant, encrypted, and secure software.

Personal data we collect based on your usage of Great Scott!-services and content

Great Scott! automatically collects data if you use our online services and content about the way you use this service. E.g. when you are watching a video on our website or reading a blog article. We do this in order to optimize our services and content based on your needs and interests. We also use this data to analyze how our services and content are being used in general.

This data consists of:

1. Log files: IP-address, visited pages, clicks, date, and duration of your visits, etc. These data allow us to identify you and to give you additional recommendations on which services and content to consume based on your preferences. For instance, related blog articles, content offers, or videos based on what you have read, watched, or listened to before or based on whether or not you’ve completed the content consumption.

2. Device information: IP-address, brand, type, and OS of your device, etc. These data allow us to optimize the context of our services for the best possible delivery. Great Scott! collects these data with cookies or similar technology. For more information, please read our cookies-policy.

Personal data we get from third parties.

If you engage with Great Scott! Via social network sites or use the social network functionalities that are available on the website, you give permission to the social network website to share specific personal data with us. Usually, these data contain your basic social media profile information (name, email, date of birth, gender, …) that we might add to your existing data profile if relevant.

By engaging through the social network functionalities, you might also share data linked to behavior on the social network site such as likes, shares, clicks, and comments. We only collect publicly available information. We recommend you regularly check and update your privacy settings on all social media platforms if you don’t wish to share this information with Great Scott!.

Other sources

If Great Scott! uses any other source of information to collect or process your personal data, we will communicate this transparently via this privacy policy or directly with you.

Does Great Scott! collects personal data of minors?

Generally speaking, no.

Great Scott! is a professional, B2B company that doesn’t provide services to minors. Our services and content are specifically created for adults to use in their professional careers. However, if under certain circumstances Great Scott! interacts with minors (e.g. in an educational context) we will always request specific, written permission of the parents.

Why we collect your personal data

To provide you with Great Scott! services

We use your personal data in general to deliver our services. For instance, we will collect your data to capture your interest and feedback about our content and services.

To personalize our services and content

Great Scott! aims to be as relevant as possible for your specific situation. In order to be relevant, we need to fully understand your needs and professional situation. By collecting your personal data we can do so and give you recommendations for content and services that fit your profile.

To create better content, services, and experiences

We use your personal data to analyze and understand which services and content are interesting to our visitors. By analyzing what you read, watch, use, or listen to, we are able to optimize the contents, delivery, and context of our services and increase the relevance of our content.

In order to realize this, we might use all the personal data that we collect. We also might invite you to participate in a feedback mechanism such as a survey or poll.

To keep you up to date about our company, products, and services

Great Scott! can use your personal data to inform you about news, actions, events, promotions, new services, etc. We will only use your data if you gave your permission to do so. If you wish to withdraw your permission you can always contact Great Scott! via hello@great-scott.be or via an unsubscribe link that is included in every automated email or online communication.

To avoid abuse and fraud

Lastly, we might use your personal data to prevent, track, and block illegal actions such as (identity) fraud and any other practice that might harm Great Scott! or any of our contacts or clients.

Do we share your personal data with third parties?

Unless we receive your permission to share your personal data or whenever we are legally obligated to, we will never share or sell your data to third parties. 
Under certain circumstances, third parties might (temporarily) get access to the personal data we collected:


In order to deliver our services, Great Scott! might give external companies access to your personal data for certain infrastructure, IT, payment, research, etc. purposes. We only allow this to guarantee an optimal service-level and strictly supervise our partners and suppliers to handle your data with care. All our partners and suppliers are GDPR compliant and only have access to your data for the specific assignment they fulfill.

Social media

Certain Great Scott! services and content contain social media “buttons” and functionalities from platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. These platforms allow you to share information. It is important to know that these buttons are owned, managed, and executed by social media platforms. Great Scott! has no ownership or control over the functionalities and processes behind those buttons. We strongly recommend reading the privacy policies and general terms of usage of these platforms. This privacy policy only applies to personal data that is collected by Great Scott!.


Under certain circumstances, we might be obligated to share your personal data with the authorities.

Combined and anonymized data

Great Scott! might share combined and anonymized data with third parties for research purposes. We will supervise this process in such a way to guarantee that these third parties and/or Great Scott! are not able to directly or indirectly identify you with this data.

How can you manage, update, change, and/or delete your persona data?

It’s your personal data. So at any given moment, you can reach out to Great Scott! to check your personal data and complete, change, improve or delete incorrect or incomplete data. You can do so by contacting us at hello@great-scott.be. In order to complete your request, we might ask you to verify your identity to avoid fraud or abuse.

If you make a request we ask you to be as specific as possible so we can respond quickly and adequately.

How do we secure your personal data?

The internet is never 100% safe. However, we do everything we can to protect your personal data with different security technologies and processes to prevent theft, unauthorized access, usage, loss, or publication. We select our partners, suppliers, and platforms carefully but can never fully guarantee the protection of your personal data. If anything happens to your data we will contact you if necessary and log the action in our data register and/or contact the Belgian Privacy Commission if necessary.

Updates of this privacy policy

Great Scott! will update this privacy policy based on new services, legislation, feedback, or any other event that requires an update of the information on this page.

This policy was last modified on June 6, 2022.